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  • Episode 101:"Pioneer Day"
    Nearly two thousand people undertake a massive journey to be the first humans to colonize off-world. Their destination is the newly discovered planet called Vic-12. Unfortunately, an unwanted intruder changes the course of history and puts all their lives in danger.

  • Episode 102:"Swiss Family Jackson"
    Val finds herself in a leadership position as the colonists grow to depend on her for support. The group decides to start building some shelter after a powerful storm nearly floods them out of the ship and they begin to hear a number of strange sounds echoing out of the jungle around them.

  • Episode 103:"Sasquatch"
    Lark is the first to meet a strange race of creatures living in the jungle nearby. Unfortunately, the distrusting aliens have already run across Harkon and his gang, and the vampires are not the only dangerous animals roaming the wilds.

  • Episode 104:"Warmonger"
    The colonists find themselves caught up in a long standing feud between the two major races inhabiting their new world. At the same time, Harkon makes a discovery that will risk all of their lives.

  • Episode 105:"The Laurel Branch"
    Lark's friendship with a sympathetic creature bridges the gap between their races and sparks a tentative peace.

  • Episode 106:"Stand and Deliver"
    It's a race against time as the ship's power stores are failing and Harrison nearly fades out forever, erasing any hope that their distress beacon will ever be heard.

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