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Lark's origins are shrouded in mystery, even to herself. She doesn't know who her parents are and grew up in multiple foster homes. She has a vague recollection of an institutional upbringing within a sterile, enclosed environment. What she does not know is that she was part of an experiment by a group of upstarts calling themselves "Watchers" who were using genetics in an attempt to awaken a set of powers that ceased to exist more than half a century before. Now Lark has embarked on a new journey—as one of the first human pioneers to colonize another planet. She will go there as a laborer, working off the cost of her transport. But she will soon find herself called to a new purpose entirely.

Deborah Lark is played by Eliza Dushku

Lyssa and her younger sister Bit used all of their inheritance to book passage on the first colonist transport to a new world. Having been brought up in luxury, Lyssa has found it difficult to function in the real world since the death of her parents. Unskilled, she isn't qualified for most ordinary jobs on Earth. But she yearns to be something more than just a spoiled little rich girl. While at first she was hesitant to allow her younger sister to accompany her, in the end she knew they should never be parted, not after losing their parents. So she allows Bit to join her on the adventure.

Lyssa Baines is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar

As the younger sister of Lyssa Baines, the "golden girl" of Boston society, Bit has often found herself on the sidelines. But as one of several thousand colonists, she actually has a chance to shine. In colonizing a new settlement, it won't be charm and social graces that matter, it will be hard work and character. In this, Bit thinks she has more to offer than her sister.

Elizabeth Baines is played by Michelle Trachtenberg

Val is one of the brightest young students of Alex Harrison, the man who devised the first ship capable of long distance space travel. Her decision to journey with the colonists to Vic-12 was not well-received by her mentor. But she knows that once they are alone in space, the colonists will need someone who understands the technology in case something goes wrong. In her mind, only someone who has intimate knowledge of Harrison's machinery is qualified to care for the equipment in the case of an emergency. And the excitement of being one of the first humans to travel through another solar system doesn't hurt, either.

Valerie Jackson is played by Alyson Hannigan

Tom is assigned duty on the maintenance crew of the ship to Vic-12 after a disastrous error caused him to be demoted from a higher position on Earth. He isn't readily willing to talk about this, and hasn't yet admitted his mistake to any of his crewmates. But he is very able to work among the government drones just barely trained enough to keep things running until the ship reaches Vic-12. In fact, he offers more than the basic intelligence exhibited by most of his co-workers. He'll become an important addition to the group once things start to go wrong for the colonists.

Thomas MacArthur is played by Nicholas Brendan

Leslie is yet another wet behind the ears colonist with enough money to pay full passage to Vic-12 until he becomes the first victim of the ship's stowaway. As a vampire, he will prove to be one of the most formidable enemies the group is to face.

Leslie Hawkins is played by James Marsters

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