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The story begins on Earth, with a large group of colonists about to be shot off into space to settle the first off world colony in human history. Thousands of citizens, laborers, and crew members are all on their way to make history by being the first humans to live on another planet. The world in question, called Vic-12, has been somewhat prepared for their arrival by earlier explorers, but the land is basically untouched. However, right away things don't go as planned.

The Story
As the ship hurtles through space to its destination, its occupants asleep in stasis, a stowaway makes himself at home. A vampire has managed to sneak on board. As the colonists sleep, he claims several victims. At some point a mechanical malfunction causes the ship to veer off course. A few crew members and colonists awaken and attempt to set things right, but it is too late. The ship crashes on an unknown planet. The colonists are now forced to survive on their own, with little hope of being rescued. They must not only contend with the native creatures of the planet, but also with the monsters in their own ranks. Fortunately for them, there is a Vampire Slayer among them.

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