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Q: Why are the episodes written in narrative form rather than script format?
This is merely the writer's preference, I'm afraid. I get comments from people who prefer one over the other, and the numbers seem to be split down the middle. However, since I don't write in script format and find narrative much easier, that's the format I've chosen. It should be more familiar to the casual reader than script format, at any rate. Most people read books and magazines; not as many read scripts. *Note: I now have the benefit of Kennie Ganjos's transcription work; script format of episodes will be available whenever possible.

Q: Buffy is the Slayer. Why is the Faith character the Slayer in this series?
As I sat down to draw up the character profiles, I started writing about a girl with no knowledge of her past--someone who unbeknownst to herself was actually created in a lab for the sole purpose of killing evil creatures. The face that kept flashing in my mind was not Sarah Michelle Gellar's, it was Eliza Dushku. I decided to make the Faith character the Slayer in this story. I think after a few episodes you'll agree with me.

Q: Where is Angel?
At the moment, not here. For now I'm sticking with the main characters shown on the banner at the top of your screen (plus the James Marsters character). That doesn't mean I won't have many familiar faces dropping by as guest stars. There are thousands of people sent out with these settlers, after all. It will take awhile to meet them all.

Q: Is this science fiction or horror?
Okay, you got me. You'll find that I tend to write more scifi/fantasy than straight out horror. But I hope you horror fans stick with me to see if you like it. I think the story is interesting and can go in a lot of directions. I don't write "hard" science fiction, as I don't have the scientific background to go blathering on about the science behind the fiction. I deal with characters in speculative settings. Plus, as Buffy fans you already love the characters, right?

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