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In this portion of the site you'll find an archive of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction. There is some alternate universe stuff here, a few crossovers, past Slayer stories, as well as more generalized fiction. All fiction is rated PG-13 to R unless otherwise noted. You'll find the crossover stuff in the Alternate Universe section. There are adult themes reflected in much of this fiction, so please be aware of the rating before reading each story. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated; I'd love to know what you think of my work.


07/05/2003 -- Site has won a Judgment Award, two Eternally Yours Awards, and a gold award from Destructo Girl.

06/02/2003 -- Added the final two parts of "Mining for Gold." I also won my first award! Yay for me.

05/31/2003 -- Added part three of "Mining for Gold," my Buffy/Willow pairing that takes place during the Alaskan gold rush of 1897. There are two more parts to go at least, but I do know how it ends now, so hopefully it will be finished soon. In the Alternate Universe archive.

05/30/2003 -- New layout; separated the fan fiction and virtual series sections into separate areas.

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