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Episode 101: Pioneer Days
Air Date: March 29, 2003
Written by: Blitzgal

Deborah Lark Eliza Dushku
Thomas MacArthur Nicholas Brendan
Lyssa Baines Sarah Michelle Gellar
Elizabeth Baines Michelle Trachtenberg
Valerie Jackson Alyson Hannigan
Leslie Hawkins/Harkon James Marsters
Blond Vampire Emma Caulfield

Special Guest Appearance:
Anthony Stewart Head as Harrison

Characters of note (Not Cast):
Douglas Rivers Vampire
Dante Master Vampire

The story opens in a massive spaceport, where thousands of colonists are preparing to board a ship which will take them to the first off-world colony in human history. We meet several of the series main characters in this scene, including Lark, Lyssa, Elizabeth (Bit), and Tom. We also learn that a vampire is attempting to board the ship as well, although no one but Lark understands what he is and the danger he poses. In this introductory portion of the episode we also meet Val and the ship's computer system, named Harrison. The ship's crew is preparing to place everyone in stasis, or a deep sleep that will make long distance space travel a much easier prospect for the colonists. The ship takes off with vampire in tow, and Lark unable to stop him.

The vampire quickly makes himself at home on the ship while the colonists sleep. We witness the turning of a passenger named Leslie Hawkins, who is just one of several colonists who becomes a vampire while the ship travels toward its destination. The master vampire begins to create a large pack of vampires and clearly considers the rest of the passengers a long term food source.

One by one, the main characters are somehow awakened from stasis to find the ship in complete disarray. Fortunately for the passengers and crew, Lark is among those who is wakened from her deep sleep. She quickly understands the danger for them all and works to destroy the vampires who have taken over the ship. In the meantime, Val realizes that the ship has been driven completely off course. They are nowhere near the planet they were supposed to land on, and the ship's computer has been taken offline. She hurries try and restore control over the ship.

Unfortunately Val is unable to protect the ship from crashing onto a nearby planet. The ship is now stranded on an unknown world, and the colonists are trapped inside with a pack of hungry vampires prowling the corridors. Thankfully, Lark is ready for the challenge. As Val and the crew attempt to awaken the other passengers and help the wounded, the Slayer makes a final stand against the master vampire and his group of minions.